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Clear Thinking

Dear God, please bless the writing teachers. They know the world does not need another batch of five page essays on Moby Dick. But they believe that learning how to construct a thesis statement, and a paragraph, and to connect subject with verb in a sentence, will help students learn how to think clearly. And the world desperately needs more clear thinkers. Bless the writing teachers with hope and patience, God.

And while you're at it, grant some determination to the geometry teachers who drag reluctant adolescents through the basics of logic. If this is true, and this is true, then you can logically conclude this other truth. Not because we need basic proofs recreated, but because the exercises teach students how to think clearly.The science teachers--please grant them the gift of inspiring curiosity, the tenacity to nourish it, and ample safety glasses. What is your hypothesis? How could we test that theory? Watch what happens. Take notes. Draw conclusions from the evidence. Most of the students will never repeat any specific experiment, but they still learn to think clearly.God, we need clear thinking. And it appears to be thin on the ground, so please grant strength and power, creativity and humor, and a sense of just how vital their work is, to the teachers. Protect those lessons on clear thinking. We need them. Quick. Amen

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