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ArchCity Defenders

God of Compassion, I pray for the ArchCity Defenders, a civil rights law firm in St. Louis that fights abuses of legal systems, including keeping poor people in jail for being poor. There is a dangerous heat wave in Missouri and there are people being held in vermin-infested medium security jail with no air conditioning. The facility is called the Workhouse. Today, the ArchCity Defenders offered to bail out anyone kept in the Workhouse due to lack of funds.

God, I give thanks for this powerful witness to compassion and human dignity. Bless each employee of this firm. Knowing some little bit of the work they have been doing, I suspect they are tired, underpaid, daily faced with tragedy, and hauling uphill. I ask that you grant them restorative and healing rest. Unexpected funding sources. Breathtaking experiences of beauty, kindness, renewal, and love. And an easing of burdens as the Spirit moves with them in all they do. Amen.

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