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Shannon Craigo-Snell is a systematic Christian theologian. Since 2011, she has served as professor of theology at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where she teaches Masters and Doctor of Ministry students as they engage in multiple forms of ministry. Before arriving in Louisville, she was associate professor of Religious Studies at Yale University, where she taught undergraduates, masters students, and Ph.D.  students.


In all of her work, Shannon Craigo-Snell brings the wisdom of theology into conversation with contemporary issues so that each might teach and learn from the other. Embracing collaborative learning, she has co-authored one book with a pastor, co-authored another book with an activist, and co-authored articles with a liturgical theologian. Her areas of interest focus on feminist and Reformed theologies, theology and theater, anti-racism, and ecclesiology. Beneath these subjects is the larger need to rethink what it means to be human together today.


In 2014, Shannon Craigo-Snell was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Since then she has been invited to teach workshops and lead worship in churches across the country.

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