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The Oxford Handbook of the Prophets

"The Prophets and Theology"

The Theological Anthropology of David Kelse

"From Narrative to Performance?"

The Embrace of Eros

"Passing as Male in the Academy: Dynamics of Performance and Desire"

Women's Culture in a New Era

"Multiplication and Division: Feminist Theology from 1980 to 2000"

Awake to the Moment

"What Do We Know and How? Context and Questions," with Cynthia Rigby, Joerg Rieger, and Kathleen Sands 

Polydox Reflections

"Tradition on Fire: Polydoxy, Orthodoxy, and Theological Epistemology"

Theatrical Theology

"In Praise of Empty Churches"

Theology and Religious Studies in Higher Education

"Interdisciplinary Theology: Bridging the Theology/Religious Studies Divide"

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