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Holy God, I give thanks for the 16 members of the President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who resigned over the injustices of the administration's current policies and rhetoric. I give thanks for Edward Price, who resigned from the CIA after years of service, and for Retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward, who turned down the job of National Security Advisor. I give thanks for all those who are willing to relinquish power and prestige in order to stand for justice.

It is tempting to believe that moral compromise is an acceptable--even necessary--part of attaining influence with which to serve the common good. Honestly, we are all already compromised. We can't pretend our hands are clean. It would be selfish to value preserving some sense of our individual moral goodness over doing everything we can to make systemic changes that would help those most vulnerable.

And yet. This kind of thinking makes it all too easy to ally ourselves with evil, in small, incremental steps.

God, please bless each person who resists the pull of accolades and influence and, instead, is drawn towards equality and compassion. Grant them new opportunities to use their talents, unexpected collaborators, and a sense of peace. Open doors to joyful and surprising places to fulfill their vocations. Amen.

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