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Rabbis for Human Rights

Holy God, I lift up the Israeli organization Rabbis for Human Rights. The prime minister of Israel is planning the expulsion of asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan. Rabbis for Human Rights is overseeing the Anne Frank Sanctuary movement, in which people who honor the Jewish tradition of human rights and the legacy of Anne Frank prepare to hide the African refugees. There were brave souls who hid Jewish people when they were being rounded up. These faithful Jews are ready to do the same for others. Bless them. May their witness change the political possibilities in Israel. For the rest of us, God, who read Anne Frank’s diary and loved her, imaginatively identifying with this brilliant spirit or those who sheltered her, tune our ears to hear the calls to round up, expel, deport, or keep out those of particular ancestry. May they never pass unnoticed or unremarked. May they always raise red flags and set off alarm bells. Enable us to rise to the occasion and protect our fellows. Amen.

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