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This evening I am praying for the Black Lives Matter activists who brought the venerable American tradition of protest into the forefront of our collective imagination. Labor unions and peacemakers and others have kept the tradition alive, but the BLM activists taught a new generation, and reminded some of the rest of us, how to stand up together. When news of this Muslim ban came out, people all over the country made signs and went to the nearest international airport. We knew what to do. We know what this looks like, because we have had such fine exemplars these past few years.Many of those activists have paid--and continue to pay--a heavy price for their work for justice. Tonight I pray help comes at every crossroad, support on every difficult day, concrete assistance in times of need, and a hedge against the evil that always pushes against true courage. I pray they are each surrounded by steadfast companions on this journey, and that joy rises of its own accord.

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