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Loving God, I pray for every pastor, youth leader, Christian educator, and Sunday school teacher who is preaching and teaching about what faith looks like in our current political situation. Every one who is reflecting on the consistent biblical mandate to care for the refugee. Every one who is reflecting on the grace-filled call to right relationship and the sinfulness of racism. Every one who is reflecting on prophetic calls to justice and mercy. It is always easier to preach and teach a weaker gospel. But it is faithful to tell the truth of who You are and who we are called to be.

Bless these Christian leaders. Give them perseverance in the face of complaints that religion ought not be political, as these complaints ignore both the gospel and the reality that silence is also a political statement. Grant them insight, patience, and good metaphors. Bless them with courage and humility in equal measure.

Triune God, I ask you not just to bless these leaders individually, but also to bless them in relation, giving them strength in community. Give them each, and all together, the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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