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I thank God for humor tonight, and pray God's blessing on every comedian and satirist who is resisting with wit and laughter. Like parents passing out snacks and juice to exhausted children, they give us a bit of sustenance and cajole us back onto the field of play.

When it seems like staying sane and being politically engaged are mutually exclusive choices, humorists demonstrate that this is a false dichotomy. We can be sane, informed, and engaged, but it requires levity.

God, these people offer their light to the rest of us. Grant them deep wellsprings of humor, pleasure, and joy. To every subversive late night host, every funny writer who takes aim at injustice, and every soul who adds to the restorative resistance of hashtag humor about Bowling Green and updates about the current whereabouts of Frederick Douglass, please bring energy and inspiration. Laughter is an antidote to fear. May we fear no evil. Amen.

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