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God of knowledge and wisdom, I pray this night for reporters and journalists. Bless their efforts to know and understand our shared world, to communicate with accuracy and clarity, to provide the transparency upon which the premise of government by, for, and of the people rests. Protect them from harm, as many willingly go into dangerous situations so that the truth might be known. Guard their families, who must worry. And tonight, God, after they have been maligned, give them comfort and sleep.

In the morning, please set them on fire with determination to do their work. Give them a collaborative spirit, that their efforts might be multiplied. Guide them to investigate the most fruitful leads, and scatter their paths with useful information. Fill their days with happenstance that points them in the right directions for vital stories. Sharpen their minds to attend to details, and give them focused energy for long hours of research.

The motivation of a little righteous anger would seem appropriate, too, God. But You know best. Amen.

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