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Marty Baron

God of Revelation, I pray for Marty Baron. I only know about this person through the work produced by the Boston Globe while he was editor (from the Spotlight team reporting on sexual abuse within the Catholic church, for instance) and, more recently, through the excellent journalism of the Washington Post on political issues since he became editor there in 2013. Through his work, I know him to be a leader in journalism in the United States, and someone who is not easily intimidated.

But God, You know Marty Baron completely. So I ask You to bless this man with whatever he needs to support and empower investigative journalism. You know what fuels his work--coffee or anger or good music in the background or prayer or carbohydrates. Whatever it is, PLEASE GIVE HIM SOME.

And spread that blessing around. Pour Your grace on every editor in every news outlet that cares about factual accuracy.

Somewhere today the next great editors of the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and the Washington Post are cutting their teeth on local stories in small towns around the country. Please bless them, too. Amen.

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