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Creator God, I pray for people who do the math. I pray for the accountants, mathematicians, statisticians, and experts of all kinds who check the numbers to determine the likely effects of different political policies and budgetary decisions. And I pray for the non-experts who can add, subtract, multiply, and divide well enough to not be bamboozled. For every person who has done the math on doctor's bills and insurance payments to get a mistake corrected, or argue for better coverage. They know healthcare is complicated For every person who has double-checked the account balance to make sure the check won't bounce if it goes through today. They pay their bills. For every person who has saved receipts, pay stubs, or donation records to calculate their tax payments. They pay taxes. For every person keeping accurate numbers of threats against Jewish and Muslim communities, of hate crimes, and of people of color killed by police and security officers, in order to make the United States safe for everyone. They understand greatness. Holy God, bless these individuals. Sharpen their minds; guard against errors. And protect us all from things that just don't add up. 2+2=4. Every time. Amen.

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