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I pray for courage and protection for all of those who resist. Tonight, that includes the thousands of people who rallied in Louisville. I pray guidance and resilience for the young ones who carried signs saying "Dumbledore's Army." I pray strength for the elders using walkers in the crowd. I pray joy for the Muslim family laughing as they all tried to fit in a selfie. I pray welcome for the people from all over the world who sang the national anthem, claiming a beautiful vision of America as the truth that will yet be. I pray stamina for the civic and religious leaders--Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and more--who call us to our better angels. And for the teenage African-American boy who thanked me for coming out tonight, I pray that he be surrounded by so much active work for justice, so much engagement and care by people outside his family, that he someday expects old white ladies to be on the street.

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