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God of all creation, please bless the scientists who rallied today in Boston. Give them stamina not only to do the work of science, but to resist this administration's attacks on data, funding, and the very concept of facts. These people didn't sign up to be political activists. But they recognize how high the stakes are at this moment, and that telling the truth is a necessary political act. Grant them encouragement and creativity in the new roles they now occupy.

Scientists exemplify an important virtue. They regularly take in new information and revise their conclusions in accordance with the data. This means they are always open to the possibility that they have been wrong and they are willing to change their views. It is a discipline of humility. God, while you bless these scientists-turned-activists, please grant the rest of us a measure of this virtue. Help us to face the facts around us and to respond accordingly, even when this means changing our understanding. May we be more concerned with truth than status, and may we always seek to know You more. Amen.

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