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Mighty God, I pray for all the congregations around the country who are committed to providing sanctuary for immigrants in danger of deportation. ICE and the Department of Homeland Security have had guidelines that they would not enter into "sensitive locations"--such as hospitals, schools, and houses of worship--to remove immigrants for deportation. Churches have offered sanctuary to many over the years, providing a haven of safety, time to search for alternatives, and a powerful witness to the love of God. Since November, the number of churches, mosques, and synagogues committed to offering sanctuary, in some form, has skyrocketed. God, please guard these communities as they testify to the dignity of all persons. Give them strength, resolve, and peace in their decisions to care for others in this way. Allow their witness to influence their neighborhoods, cities, and states. May their number increase, and their call to compassion grow so loud, that policies change and sanctuary is rarely needed. Amen.

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