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Faithful God, please bless all the community organizers who are working to resist the current administration's harmful policies. Bless those who have been doing this for decades, and those who are new to this vocation.

Some of us are used to thinking there are grown ups in charge and they will do their jobs. Others are used to thinking that the government has never been interested in their well-being. Community organizers take up the task of convincing the first group that their imagined political savior is not coming; and convincing the second group that their own political activism can make a difference.

Creating a real conversation on political issues takes skillfull planning, talent, and determination. But it also produces a new kind of community, in which these various groups who wouldn't normally be talking are suddenly in deep conversations while the kids search for snacks. The people who pull that off are community organizers.

God, please bless them with fierce patience. Not patience that waits for change, but patience that fiercely works for change. Please grant these organizers strong faith, creative energy, and a sense of urgency. Amen.

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