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God of Mercy, nourish those who preach the gospel. It is vital--especially now--that preachers encourage congregations to live their faith in concrete ways, to motivate them to action. The easiest way to motivate people is to talk about danger and provoke fear. Yet Christian preachers are called to talk about grace and evoke love. In the United States, we are accustomed to a motivational logic that says hard work will merit wealth. Gospel logic says that we are given more than we could ever earn; the work to be done is an expression of gratitude, love, and humility; the treasure we enjoy is never our possession. It is a logic of abundance, not scarcity. Gift, not accomplishment. Faith, not fear. For the people who proclaim such Good News in ways that spark political and social engagement, I pray. Let Your Spirit fall upon them as a steady, soaking rain. Nurture them with colleagues and community. Bolster them with joy. Amen.

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