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Amal Nassar

God of Hope, bless Amal Nassar, a Palestinian farmer. She and her family grow fruit and olives on their ancestral land near Bethlehem. As they have for over a hundred years. When the occupying military forces come in the middle of the night and bulldoze olive trees, the Nassar family plants new ones. Their farm, the Tent of Nations, is also an educational center that teaches international visitors and volunteers about nonviolence, love of the land, and peacemaking. Their is, "We refuse to be enemies." I do not understand faith this strong or deep, God. It is beyond me. Please bless Amal and the Nassar family. Bless their land and their trees. Bless the Tent of Nations and all who visit and learn there. Bless the Palestinian people. And God, please bless the rest of us with enough sense, vision, and compassion to reject apartheid in any form and to work actively for just peace. Amen.

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