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Robert Mueller

A friend requested that I pray for Robert Mueller, since it seems he has a large role to play in what happens next in the U.S. I have been hesitant to do so here, since I am praying for those who are resisting the current administration and the racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression it encourages. I have no idea if Mueller falls into this category, and--at best-- his beliefs about such matters shouldn't influence the investigation. I don't want him to resist; I want him to find the truth. That's his task. However, today I read a list of all the lies that have come from the White House since the inauguration. I watched the video of the shooting of Philando Castile. I saw photos of people with disabilities being dragged away from their wheelchairs for protesting a tax cut masquerading as a healthcare bill. Part of what we are resisting is the construction of a political discourse in which facts and accuracy are seen as irrelevant. The lack of truth is killing some of us already, and will be deadly for all of us soon enough.

Please dear sweet baby Jesus, help Robert Mueller lead an investigation that finds truth, honors facts, and reports accurately. Amen.

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