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God of Justice, the rule of law is threatened profoundly by the current occupant of the White House, who seeks loyalty and privilege rather than truth or the common good. Tonight I give thanks for Aeschylus, who wrote a trilogy of plays that are known as the Oresteia. One of the themes of the drama is the transition from vengeance to justice through trials. The Oresteia was performed to great critical acclaim in Athens in 458 BCE.

Many recent events make me feel as if the U.S. is going back in time, to eras in which racism, sexism, and heterosexism were openly proclaimed and approved. Aeschylus reminds me that human brokenness (my words, not his) exists in every time and place. What fairness we manage has always required artists and prophets to spur outrage, thinkers and planners to create systems that hedge against our worst tendencies, and engaged citizens to live out norms of equity.

Bless all who aim to fill these roles today. Amen.

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