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Senator Tammy Duckworth

God of Peace, it is an anxious day. The insanity of war looms.

I pray for every person who thinks carefully about the best ways to keep soldiers and civilians safe. In particular, I lift up Senator Tammy Duckworth, a veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart after losing her legs while serving in Iraq. Duckworth is fighting the Occupant's nomination of Steven Bradbury to a post in the administration. Bradbury was a Justice Department lawyer who authored the "torture memos" that authorized waterboarding and other torture techniques. Duckworth argues that--in addition to all the other reasons torture is wrong--torturing prisoners put U.S. soldiers in greater danger.

The perils of war include not only injury and death, but dehumanization. Bless all who hold on to that which is humane. Amen.

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