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God, we need to talk. Marilyn McCord Adams, who knew you better than anyone else I've ever met in my whole life, said the faithful thing to do was to be like the Psalmist and take my problems straight to the top. So here are a few things about which I am concerned: 1. There is a category 4 hurricane bearing down on Texas, while we have a science-hating dingbat in charge. 2. Above-mentioned dingbat pardoned Joe Arpaio, a criminal racist who targeted and tortured people of color. This exemplifies the Occupant's incredible contempt for our judicial system, communicates to his white nationalist base that black and brown people can be harmed with impunity, and stokes racial conflict. 3. North Korea is launching missiles. WTF? 4. The Occupant's threatened economic craziness with both the debt ceiling and the Federal Reserve puts the global economy in danger. GLOBAL. 5. The Coward in Chief is also targeting transgender military personnel, because he has enough hate to spread it around. 6. Right in here we could use some smart people in the State Department and other areas of government. However, racist dingbat coward appointed a few unqualified millionaires and left a lot of positions empty. So we are lacking, say, people who could prevent war. 7. But at least our election process has been hacked by Russians and we fall for tweets by Russian bots. Cause we are THAT smart.

God, we need some HELP in here. We clearly cannot manage this on our own. There are good people trying but we need ASSISTANCE.

Also, I am really, really pissed that Marilyn McCord Adams died. Amen.

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