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Companies with Compassion

God of Compassion, bless the companies who are trying to help Puerto Rico. The current administration was slow off the mark to respond to Hurricane Maria, has yet to provide adequate resources, and is hesitant to commit to long term efforts. While a better federal response is still desperately needed, some companies are stepping up. The University of Central Florida will offer in-state tuition rates to students displaced by Maria; AT&T is trying to help connect family members with special services; JetBlue is unrolling 35 different initiatives and already doing relief flights; both Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines are using their ships for relief efforts; Tesla is sending battery packs; Yale New Haven Health System is sending 30,000 pounds of medical supplies, which United Airlines is transporting for free; and I'm sure there are more examples. I pray blessing on the people of good will in each of these companies. Amen.

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