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Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto

God of Strength, bless Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto, mayor of San Juan. She has been working tirelessly for the people of her city. She told the truth about the horrific conditions after Maria, rejecting the administration's falsehood that what is happening in Puerto Rico is "a good-news story." With every fiber of her being, this woman is resisting the colonialist, racist greed of the current occupant of the White House.

God, I ask that you bless Mayor Cruz with aid to her community, with the necessities of life, and with a way forward for Puerto Rico. I ask that You pour out Your Spirit upon her, affording her words and actions unforeseen power to change the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States for the better, to reveal the racism of this administration to those who have not yet perceived it, and to spark an overwhelming tide of concern and concrete help from their fellow U.S. Citizens. Bless her truth-telling commitment to her community with transformative might. Amen.

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