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Holy God, tonight I pray for those who daily slog through the profoundly unsexy work of being responsible citizens. Those who read and listen, weigh arguments and evidence, vote and volunteer. If the United States finds its footing again, it will be due to their efforts, to the quiet heroism of the Hufflepuffs of American politics. Between threats to net neutrality, a tax scheme that benefits the wealthy, and the intentional destruction of the State Department, I am not feeling optimistic tonight. But I recognize the embodied hope of the daily sloggers--who relentlessly call their elected officials and contribute to the ACLU and participate in local elections--and I see that hope is holy. Even if this ship goes down, I want to be in their company. Even when I am not optimistic, I will call and contribute and participate just to be faithful to the holy hope I see in them. Bless them. Amen.

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