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Matthew Dunlap

Steadfast God, I pray for Matthew Dunlap, Maine’s Secretary of State and a member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Wary that this commission was put in place to add an appearance of credibility to the Occupant’s false claims that millions of illegal votes were cast, Dunlap accepted the position out of commitment to the election process. However, the work of the committee is being done by only certain members, while others are kept in the dark. Dunlap is suing the commission for information.

It is hard to resist something attacking from so many angles at once. I am grateful that Dunlap is focused on the integrity of the election process in 2018. His suit might bring to light plans of further voter suppression.

Help us, God, to use the resources of resistance well—with division of labor, varieties of specialized concern, and the capacity to come together across all fronts to address immediate needs. Grant us wisdom for the struggle. Amen.

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